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Welcome to official page of Urban Transport Enthusiasts Club!

The Urban Transport Enthusiasts Club was established as an independent initiative of people associated with the Wrocław community of public transport fans. The main goals we have set for the organisation are acquiring and preserving decommissioned public transport vehicles as monuments, collecting exhibits and other memorabilia related to public transport, as well as discovering its history along with documenting current events.

Wroclaw Tourist Lines

Wroclaw Tourist Lines Wroclaw Tourist Lines

This year two special routes with heritage vehicles are in service. Tram route "T" connects Opera with former railway depot Dąbie and going through Main Railway Station, ZOO and Grunwaldzki Bridge. Buses and Trams operate at saturday, sundays and nation holidays between 27.05.2023 and 03.09.2023. You are welcome onboard, on vehicles we honor urban transport ticket (it is also possible to buy tickets onboard).

Offer for tourists

    Tram City-Tours
  • Tram City-Tours

    For individuals, organised groups and private entrepreneurs we would like to offer city tours on board of one of our heritage trams. The list of routes can be found here and the list of available trams is here. Please contact us to get more information.
  • Bus City-Tours
  • Bus City-Tours

    Beside trams we can also organise city sightseeing tours on board of our historic buses. Thanks to characteristic of a bus the routes are more flexible and can also cover surroundings of Wrocław. The list of our buses is available here. If you need any details please contact us!