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Our Vehicles

Author: KSTM

Currently the main direction of our organization development is creating a collection of historic vehicles of urban transport and will to establish urban transport museum in Wroclaw.

Our collection of vehicles counts 11 uniqe items:

We are trying to put our vehicles into good condition. We were able to do this with Konstal 4N1 and Konstal 102Na and two buses.

Author: KSTM

We are still looking for new uniq vehicles which is worth to preserve so it is possible that our collection will grow. The target of our interests is bus fleet and tram fleet especially connected to Wroclaw and Lower Silesia history

In order in preparation to establish museum we are collecting remains connected to urban transport. In our collection we have old tickets and old timetables, old photographies connected with municipal companies history. Currently we have:

Author: KSTM

In case of our project we are relying on local goverments interests and private sponsorship which did not happen. During the realization of such initiative any help is appreciated has very impact for us.

Old trams

Old buses