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Our Vehicles

Currently, the main aims of our society’s activities are the development of a collection of historic public transport vehicles and the aspiration to create a municipal transport museum in Wrocław.

Author: KSTM

Our collection presently includes twenty-three unique vehicles:

We are trying to revert our vehicles to past splendor. We have succeeded with cars Konstal N, 4N1, 102Na and majority of buses.

Author: KSTM

As we are constantly looking for other unique vehicles that we believe are particularly worth preserving, it is possible that our fleet of vehicles will grow even more. We are interested in both bus and tram rolling stock, especially related to the history of Wrocław.

As part of preparations for the creation of the public transport museum, we collect various artefacts related to that topic. Our collection includes old tickets or timetables, archival photographs or items related to the history of transport carriers (e.g. elements of old uniforms). The most important things that we have already managed to preserve for the planned museum include:

In the case of our projects, we count for support of local authorities and sponsors. Any help is of great importance to us.

Author: KSTM

Author: KSTM

Vintage trams

Vintage buses

Other vehicles