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We offer rental of both vintage trams and buses. Each vehicle has its own specificity and thanks to our effort it reflects the atmosphere of its times. Please see the offer prepared for each vehicle, and in case of interest or any doubts fill in the rental form and ask us any questions.

Vintage trams

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We offer six standard tram routes – four starting and ending in the city centre (at the Teatralny square, directly opposite the Opera House) and two starting and ending at the Popowice tram depot at Legnicka street, 65 (next to the intersection of Legnicka, Kwiska and Wejherowska streets). These routes may be slightly modified due to road works and changes in the organisation of tram transport and the resulting need to arrange the route and timing with the Transport Department of the Wrocław City Hall. As a consequence of these arrangements – for reasons beyond the Club’s control – please inform us about your desire to rent a tram no later than 10 days before the planned date of travel. If you will inform us later, we are not able to guarantee that the Transport Department of the Wrocław City Hall will provide an opinion on the route on time. The travel times are approximate – the actual travel will depend on the traffic situation.

Proposed routes
List of proposed routes can be found: here

For reasons beyond the Club’s control, it is not possible to rent a tram on working days during rush hours. A vintage tram can be rented for a minimum of 2 hours.

Journeys may also take place on routes other than those specified, but such rentals should be ordered no later than 14 days before the planned date of travel, which results from the need to consult the route with the Transport Department of the Wrocław City Hall.

The trams at our disposal are presented below.

Vintage buses

Apart from trams, we are the only organisation in Wrocław to offer historic buses for rent. These are well known brands such as Ikarus and Jelcz. Unlike trams, in this case we are not bound by arrangements with the municipal authorities, which means that the route can be arranged freely, fully meeting the client’s expectations. Having extensive experience in driving our vehicles, we are open to any suggestions.

Below is the list of buses available for rent.

Flyer with our offer

A flyer with our offer can be dowloaded here

Rental form

If you want to rent a historic tram or bus, fill in the form below. If you do not want to fill in the form, you can contact us by phone: +48 509 311 435 (historic trams), +48 604 184 928 (historic buses).
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