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About Us


Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk – chairman;
Tomasz Paszko – vice-chairman;
Krzysztof Wasilewski - vice-chairman

Audit Commission:

Wojciech Gąsior - chairman;
Krzysztof Kokot - member;
Piotr Banaś - member

Our goals:

The goals of the association’s activities are set out in its statute and concern:

  1. Promoting public transport.
  2. Cultivating and popularising the heritage of public transport in Poland, especially regarding Wrocław.
  3. Collecting and protecting artefacts and monuments related to public transport, and historical rolling stock and transport infrastructure as an element of Wrocław’s cultural landscape.
  4. Documenting facts related to public transport.
  5. Organising and participating in events connected with public transport.
  6. Activities aimed at establishing the Museum of Public Transport in Wrocław.
  7. Cooperation with state authorities, institutions, associations and other entities dealing with public transport in Poland and abroad, as well as with the mass media.
  8. Popularising knowledge about public transport, including up-to-date news in the field of communication and good models of transport organisation.
  9. Publishing books on public transport.

The Club tries to achieve its goals by:

  1. Activity of Club members for the achievement of the association’s goals.
  2. Popularisation of Club’s aims and activities.
  3. Organising transport using historic fleet.
  4. Organising public events (courses, exhibitions, shows, lectures, discussions, symposia, seminars, etc.) promoting the Club’s goals, public transport and its heritage, as well as initiating activities and events of a similar nature.
  5. Cultivating the tradition of public transport.
  6. Protection of historical objects and monuments.
  7. Conducting conservation works on monuments connected with transport heritage.
  8. Education in the field of public transport.
  9. Professional training and improving qualifications.
  10. Running a business, including publishing.
  11. Collaboration with institutions and organisations interested in the activities of the Club, with domestic and foreign associations, transport companies, etc.
  12. Preparation of analyses and projects related to the functioning and organisation of transport, as well as conducting research in this field and promoting its results.
  13. Giving opinions on projects in the field of communication technology and public transport.