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We invite you to cooperate with the Urban Transport Enthusiasts Club

The Urban Transport Enthusiasts Club is a leading organisation in Wrocław in the aspect of historic public transport vehicles. Maintaining a historic vehicle, apart from costs, is also a splendour and distinction. Therefore, for those who want to help us to restore and maintain the historic fleet we offer several options.

Make a donation

The simplest way of supporting the Club’s activity is making a donation. For this purpose a simple transfer to the Club’s account with the title “donation” is highly welcomed. Please find below the account number.

Klub Sympatyków Transportu Miejskiego
Santander Bank Polska S.A.
IBAN: PL54109025030000000130987302
Bank Account: 54 1090 2503 0000 0001 3098 7302

Long term agreement

If you would like to support us more regularly, you can start cooperating with the Club for a longer time on mutually agreed terms. For example, our vehicles can be used to promote your company or transport your employees.

Become a curator (sponsor) of the vehicle

The Urban Transport Enthusiasts Club offers the opportunity to become a curator (sponsor) of a chosen vehicle. An example could be sponsoring the renovation of a historic tram, and later giving it a name chosen by you, which will be displayed in media while all events the tram would participate in. The Urban Transport Enthusiasts Club actively contributes to the social life of Wrocław, as evidenced by the “Media” section, and the money invested in this way would not be wasted.

Popowice Depot

Our Club organises various public transport events at the former Popowice tram depot. The biggest event is the “Popowice Depot Open Day”, which can attract several hundred visitors on one day. The event is organised annually in early September. We invite interested entities to cooperate, present their offer and assist in the organisation of these events. Any form of supporting the maintenance and reconstruction of public transport heritage is welcome.