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Jelcz L11/2 #01


Jelcz L11 in two door version were manufactured between 1988 and 1989. They differed from urban version with seats layout (44 seats instead of 30), baggage shelters and with driver close cabinet

Our bus has the number 1264 and left factory in january 1989. From the beginning of exploitation till buying by the club the bus was owned by Dzierżoniów department of goverment company (Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Miejskiej), where it has the number #X-90523. At the beginning it had standard orange-cream livery which was fastly changed (about 1993) to white with blue-red lines. Between 1996 and 2002 this bus served regular transport on regular lines urban transport of Bielawa with number 01. In 2001 it survived main repair in ZNA Bralin and during it got new modern plastic back and front. Two years later it was moved to Ząbkowice Śląskie and it stayed there until sold to Urban Transport Fans Club. Currently it waits for general repair because its condition is not good to serve as tourist attraction.


Total number of passengers85
Number of seats 45
Length11000 mm
Heigth3060 mm
Width2550 mm
Netto weight9400 kg
Total weight16000 kg
Engine powerRaba-MAN D2156HM6U 141kW 10350cm

Events that the vehicle participated in

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice

9 września 2023

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice 2020

5 września 2020

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice 2019

7 września 2019

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice

8 września 2018

Dzień otwarty zajezdni Popowice

9 września 2017

Wakacje na Dabiu

8 lipca 2017

Zlot i Piknik Jelcza

17 czerwca 2017

Przygotowania do zlotu pojazdów Jelcz

6 czerwca 2017