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Rent Tram Konstal 105Na #2566 and #2567

Inside car type 105NaAuthor: Leszek Peczyński
Inside car type 105NaInside car type 105Na

Heritage trams type 105Na are available for rent. You can rent one car or trainset with two cars. We have 20 seats in one car a lot of place to stand.

Rental pricelist
  • first two hours in case of trips starting on Teatralny square: 850zł
  • first two hours in case of trips starting at the depot (Legnicka street): 750zł
  • every next hour: 350zł
  • break longer than half an hour (stops shorter than half an hour counts into total rental time), counted for every half an hour.: 100zł
  • photography session with tram in the depot (without going outside the depot) - for every hour: 100zł (minimum time of rental is two hours)
These prices are valid for one car.