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Konstal 105Na #2566,#2567

Tramcars of the 105Na type are so far the most popular type of trams in Poland. They were manufactured by the Chorzowska Wytwórnia Konstrukcji Stalowych Konstal (Konstal Steel Structure Manufacturing Plant in Chorzów) in 1979–1992. Out of over three thousand produced wagons of the 105 series, the “Na” subtype was the most numerous – 2,134 units left the factory in Chorzów (including 691 in the narrow-gauge version marked as 805Na). Wagons of this type were operated in all Polish cities with tram communication at that time.

105Na is a single-unit, one-way car equipped with four pairs of doors. It is a structural development of the 105N tram, in relation to which i.a. the location of electrical equipment was changed. The original design assumption of the 105 series was a very large glazing of the tram body. However, along with the operation and collisions, it was decided not to use small windows in the front part of the body (around the driver’s cabin) in later series.

From the operational point of view, the most important change compared to the 105N type was the introduction of the possibility of switching the engines and a new type of bogies. In the 105Na type, four engines are connected in series during start-up, but while normal operation it applies to only two engines (which reduces electricity consumption). The multiple control sockets were also changed and it was possible to combine up to three carriages.

Contrary to those currently used, the driver’s cabin was separated from the passenger compartment only by barriers and fibreboards. The devices, which are now located in the apparatus cabinet behind the cabin, were then placed, among others, under the entrance steps. As a result, originally the apparatus cabinet in the passenger compartment was of minimal size. However, the electrical components in the entrance steps did not work well in bad weather and it was decided to build a tall cabinet behind the driver’s cabin and move all these elements inside – this is how it has been until today.

During operation, the 105Na cars were subjected to various modernisations (including modifications to the electrical system, new plastic fronts, change of the door opening mechanism, and even conversion to a two-way tram). The cars of the 105N type were also modernised to the 105Na standard.

Inside car type 105Na

The presented tramcars were produced in 1985 and in November of the same year they started service with numbers 692 and 693 (serial numbers 2137 and 2138) in MPK Częstochowa. They probably never operated in one set. For 35 years they made over 1,700,000 km on Częstochowa tracks and during that time they underwent two major repairs (in 1995 and 2004). The only changes applied in relation to the factory condition were: reconstruction of the cabin and driver’s desk, replacement of external doors, powder coating of the handrails, installation of a static converter and replacement of the floor covering. At the end of 2020, the wagons were purchased by a private person and transported to Wrocław, where they received numbers 2566 and 2567. Their unquestionable advantage is the preservation of the original appearance and technical solutions. Both cars have original multiple control sockets, and the doors are still operated with 40V brush motors. There have been no such original 105Na trams in Wrocław for several years. The non- original cabins and driver’s desks have already been restored to their early appearance. In the near future, one of the cars will have a static converter replaced with an original swirl one, as well as doors of the old type will be installed. Currently, both cars have the colours of Częstochowa, but in the future at least one will be repainted to look like in the time of the delivery of brand new 105Na trams for Wrocław. Ultimately, these will be technically efficient museum exhibits, used for tourist purposes.


Total number of passengers125
Number of seats20
Length13500 mm
Heigth3060 mm
Width2400 mm
Netto weight17000 kg
Engine power4 x 41,5 kW

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9 września 2023

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3 grudnia 2022

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