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Ikarus 260.43 #3938

History of Ikarus 260

As serious bus manufacturer Ikarus offered many various length of their buses. Beside articulated bus Ikarus 280 they prepared shorter buses called 260. From 1971 year, when manufactured first prototypes till the end of nineties thousands of this model buses were built. First ones to Poland were imported in 1974 to Bielsko-Biała, WPK Katowice and Częstochowa. In Wroclaw they appeared late because in 1996 where second-hand Ikaruses 260 from Bydgoszcz and Jelenia Góra were bought by Dolnoslaskie Linie Komunikacyjne. This version differs from that by buses type and number of doors. That is why we are using it to suburban routes and longer trips.


Total number of passengers85
Number of seats44
Length11000 mm
Heigth3160 mm
Width2500 mm
Netto weight9600 kg
Total weight16000 kg
Engine powerRaba D10 155kW 10350cm

Events that the vehicle participated in

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice 2020

5 września 2020