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Jelcz M11 #272

History of bus Jelcz M11

80s in Poland was the crisis time. Martial law and international sanctions made impact on economic situation in Poland. This caused that Mielec engine factory did not managed to produce needed number of vehicles SW680 and Jelcz factory did not manage to equip their buses with imported parts. But in central planned economy the most important was to implement plan (so in this case to produce planned number of buses). Because it was not possible to produce needed number of Jelcz PR110 and there were some ikaruses on the street it was decided to cooperate with hungarian manufacturer of buses. In agrement signed in 1983 ikarus had to provide bus chassis with engine, gearbox and axles and JZS (Jelcz factory) built completed buses on it using body of modified Jelcz PR110.

That way produced buses had parameters of Ikarus 260 with body style derived from Jelcz PR110. Discussionable is choice of completation of this bus because in Poland better gearboxes were produced (licensed ZF in Tczew) but it was decided to put harmfull Csepel construction. It was possible to use 12meters ikarus 250 chassis but the simplest chassis of Ikarus 260 was used. Anyway bus produced in this way was simple and quite reliable which dominated urban transport in whole country. In Wroclaw to MPK 118 items of this type were delivered and few of them had Dolnoslaskie Linie Autobusowe and Marco-Pole. Outside Wrocław on Low Silesia these buses we could met almost anywhere but till now all of them were removed from service (Świdnica (2009), Wałbrzych (2008), Jelenia Góra (2014), Dzierżoniów (2011), Bolesławiec (2003), Kłodzko (2009), Legnica (2006), Lubin (2006), Oława (2003), Wołów (2006) i Wrocław (2005)). Our bus was bought in Głogów and cames from year 2003. In 2003 it went through repair in Kapena and it got plastic front and back then.

History of Jelcz M11 #272

In the middle of November 2017 we were able to restore original look of bus back and bus front. No we are before mounting details like original logos and displays. Inside we must change the seats to original and repaint handles to black.


Total number of passengers100
Number of seats30
Length11000 mm
Heigth3060 mm
Width2550 mm
Netto weight9200 kg
Total weight16000 kg
Engine powerRaba-MAN D2156HM6U 141kW 10350cm
TransmissionCsepel ASH-75.2

Events that the vehicle participated in

Dwudziesta druga rocznica powstania strony

20 kwietnia 2024

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice

9 września 2023

Obsłużyliśmy Noc Muzeów we Wrocławiu

20 maja 2023

Mikołajki na Zajezdni Popowice

3 grudnia 2022

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice 2022

10 września 2022

Jeździliśmy na Dniu Otwartym MPK i nie tylko

26 czerwca 2022

Jeździliśmy w Dniu Niepodległości

11 listopada 2021

Jeździmy w Poznaniu

22 sierpnia 2020

Pracowity początek października

6 października 2019

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice 2019

7 września 2019

Powitanie wiosny naszymi autobusami

23 marca 2019

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice

8 września 2018

Uczestniczyliśmy w prezentacji nowych autobusów w MPK Świdnica

30 czerwca 2018

Klub Sympatyków Transportu Miejskiego uczestniczy w paradzie z okazji Dnia Wolności

4 czerwca 2018

Dzień Dziecka na Zajezdni Dąbie

2 czerwca 2018

Noc Muzeów 2018 we Wrocławiu

19 maja 2018

Pracowity weekend Klubu Sympatyków Transportu Miejskiego

22 kwietnia 2018

140 lat na szynach - wystawa z okazji Dnia Otwartego MPK

16 września 2017

Dzień otwarty zajezdni Popowice

9 września 2017

Zlot i Piknik Jelcza

17 czerwca 2017