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Portrait of car 1332

History of tram Konstal N #1332

Tram Konstal N with number 1332 is a two axle, passenger, one-direction, motor car. It was initially bi-direction but in the middle of sixties it was rebuilt to one-direction. 1332 was produced in 1949 and delivered to Warsaw. During the years 1964-1966 it was removed from service in Warsaw and moved to Wrocław among 52 similar trams and 107 trailers. In nineties 1332 was restored by Towarzystwo Miłośników Komunikacji Miejskiej (TMKM). Outside look was restored to the look of the end of 80s but inside was restored to remind 60s. In the years of 2006-2010 it was used by TMW on heritage line but later due to technical problem it was removed from service and remain in the depot without use.

Tram 1332 with other vehicles owned by our club

Due to modernization from 70s 1332 is unidirection car with entrances on one side. It is equipped with two 60kW enginees, pantograph/trolley OTK-1, Albert coupling, electrodynamic brakes, electromagnetic brakes and only two sand guns on front axle.

Inside of 1332 car

Two pairs of doors have electric steering from drivers desk. Interior of car consists two platforms and passenger parts with 12 seats connected itself in pairs. Seats are made from narrow planks mounted on metal frame. Four far seats are raised to make an access to sand guns (rear sand guns where unmounted but seats remained possible to be hoisted and it is a prove that this trams was bidirectional). Interior is kept in brown and light brown color.

Inside of 1332 car

This car is in quite good condition but now is not fully operational. It needs review of brakes and other equiment.

We plan to make this car fully operational and restore the look from 70s (so directly after modernization).

Doors of car 1332


Total number of passengers75
Number of seats12
Length10400 mm
Heigth3300 mm
Width2160 mm
Netto weight13500 kg
Power engine2 x 60kW

Actions with this vehicle

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