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Portret pojazdu Daewoo Lublin przed halą zajezdni Popowice

Description of the Daewoo Lublin II vehicle

Public transport is not only buses and trams, it is also a whole fleet of supporting vehicles – technical emergency cars, emergency cars of the Traffic Headquarters, tugs, accident cranes, vans and passenger cars. The technical emergency service, also known as the “Iskra” (spark) in Wrocław, is an important team in a transport company. Specialised mechanics react to all types of failures occurring during transport work. From replacing a burned out lightbulb, adding oil or coolant, to repairing a broken door to a starter failure – the emergency service technician must have extensive knowledge of vehicle mechanics. A bus driver reports a defect to the Traffic Headquarters which disposes the “Iskra” accordingly.

In the mid-nineties, Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne (MPK, Municipal Transport Company) in Wrocław purchased three Lublin II cars, model 3304 with a 2.4 Turbo Diesel engine (Andoria 4CT90), and adapted them to serve as a technical emergency cars. The vehicles were equipped with Elektra LZ beams with orange lights and Radmor 3043/3 radios for communication. Inside there were toolboxes, canisters for liquids and lockers for spare parts. Thanks to this, the repair of the bus was possible “on the street”. Lublins was replaced with new Mercedes Sprinter vehicles in 2008–2010.

The vehicle in the Club’s collection is a replica, rebuilt on the basis of archival photos and memories of the former and current MPK Wrocław employees. It is a Lublin II model 3324 from 1997, equipped with a 2.4 Diesel engine (Andoria 4C90).

Historical outline of the Lublin vehicle

On October 15, 1993, the production of the Lublin 33 model with the 4C90 engine (70 HP) began, which later replaced Żuk. In 1997, the production of the significantly modernised Lublin II started. The car included a new gearbox, and many other changes were introduced. From 2004, the assembly of Lublin 3Mi vans took place at the Unison plant in the village of Obczak near Minsk. In December 2007, production was stopped due to the bankruptcy of the factory.

Events that the vehicle participated in

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice

9 września 2023

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice 2022

10 września 2022

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice 2020

5 września 2020