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Rent - Konstal 4N #1444

Konstal 102Na 4NAuthor: KSTM

We offer for renting our tram Konstal 4N from 1960. It is called enusia from hypocorism of word "enka" which means letter "N". Tram can be hired for one of proposed routes or special one. In case of special route order must be completed in two weeks in avance. You can read parameters of trams and pricelist below and description of Konstal 4N is under this link.

Number of seats 16 (possibility to take standing passengers)

Rental pricelist
  • first two hours in case of trips starting on Teatralny sq.: 500zł
  • first two hours in case of trips starting at Depot (Legnicka street).: 450zł
  • every next hour: 220zł
  • stop longer than half an hour (stop shorter than half an hour counts into total rental time). Counted for every half an hour.: 100zł
  • Photography session with tram in the depot (without going outside) - for every hour: 100zł (Minimum timeframe of rental is two hours)

Actions with this vehicle

Przejazd dla miłośników z Niemiec

20 października 2018

Dzień Otwarty Zajezdni Popowice

8 września 2018

Noc Muzeów 2018 we Wrocławiu

19 maja 2018

Jazz tramwaj

14 października 2017

Dzień otwarty zajezdni Popowice

9 września 2017

Noc Muzeów 2017

20 maja 2017